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Wednesday, 26 January 2011


A terrible situation has come to light, here at Unhallowed Ground. A terrible situation when you some to think of it, given our lack of sunlight...

But we have to warn all fellow home educators, of the horror we have discovered, and ask everyone to join us in a boycott. For the Government are after us, again, and they have found a perfect way to find us all.

You must listen.

This is a real threat.

The Government are gathering data on us. REAL data. That they can use. And yet everyone thinks this is A Good Thing. But it's so not a good thing... you have to REGISTER your children.

Yes, you read that right... you have to REGISTER your children

And you have to give such personal details... how old they are... where they live... what books they read.

Yes, that's right, you have to tell the Government what books your children read.

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine what awful use the Government will put this information to? Use this system of registration, and Social Services can access what books your child reads?

Can you imagine? Any child, can have their reading age cross-reference against their actual age. Can you imagine what the Government would do with this information?

And that's before they get to the books themselves. For the scheme we've become aware of, allows your child to be exposed to all sorts of uncensored information. Books on, for instance... vaccines, witchcraft, sex education and violence. Wars! Book on wars. Freely available for your children, and then, registered in a central computer to The Government know what your child is reading?

Can you imagine?

It's just despicable. Truly despicable. We must act. We must stop this scheme. We ask all home educators to....


It is just totally unacceptable, that you have to register to use a public library. That's not very 'public', is it? It's just completely facist, that they make a record of what books you take out. Taking a register of what books a child reads... how exactly is that useful? And we know what the record is on Government employees and children. Did you know that if you want to take a book out of the library, a librarian has to interact with your child? I ask you.. can't you see how suspect that is? WHY are the Government insisting on this?

Does anyone have the answer? We thought not.

So please, PLEASE, if you care about children, and home education, boycott public libraries. Don't give them the information they need. You never know how they will use it against you.

Until public libraries hand out books to anyone who wants them, without any questions asked, and without the need to prove who you are, to the need to record what you took... don't use them.


Your children are too important. Books should just be handed out to everyone, on demand, with no computer records. Especially those reference books. What's that all about, really? Have you noticed all reference books sections has a camera on them? Think that's coincidence? Fool!

And whilst we're at it... what's with this opening hours shit....

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